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Mini Bands Worlout Movie

■FLEXVIT Mini Bands Worlout Play■

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   FLEXVIT JAPANーフレックスヴィット ジャパンでは「セラピー」「フィットネス」「パフォーマンス」の分野にてより多くのアクティブユーザーとサポートユーザーへお届けするためにシリーズラインナッ...

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Brand Competences

DevelopmentOur unique production technology enables us to create the highest quality elastic fitness bands on the market. At the same time we are able to create prototypes, new products and product...

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Brand Values

DiversityFLEXVIT bands can be used by anybody. However, we know that everybody is has a unique lifestyle which brings different demands to the individual. We always keep that in mind when developin...

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Our Blands

FLEXVIT BlandsWe offer high quality elastic fitness bands that provide an unlimited variety of functional training exercises. Spanning across rehabilitation purposes to achieving peak performance i...

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